Rainmeter Watercolor Theme Update: The Clock

This is an update to my work on my Rainmeter theme, which I’m calling “Watercolor”. Or “Watercolors”. Not sure yet.

Ok, so I’ve been working a bit on the clock. It has been mostly straightforward since there is a nice, convenient explanation and example skin in the Rainmeter manual. Unfortunately, the links in the example skin are not active, so I couldn’t see right away that the images had been scaled down to the exact pixel size in the original file. I was trying to do that in the .ini file, and it just wasn’t working. So when I wrote everything out, neither of my hands were showing. When I scaled down the original files (which were over 5000 pixels, what?), everything showed up clearly. The problem then was that the angle of the hands were off. That, again, would have been an easy fix if I had seen that the example skin has the original image at a 90 degree angle. Mine were vertical. So, easy fix.

So now I have the mechanics of the clock working, but I need to get back to the art. Here’s what I have so far:

It's a working clock!

This is just the rough draft to figure out what I’m doing. At the moment, it has a transparent background. Lots will change!

As you can see, lots of changes need to be made. The hands are almost the same length, so the hour hand needs to squished down. I was hoping to keep the background transparent, but it’s so hard to see the the hands that either those need to be thicker, or I do indeed need a background. I’m considering including a couple green blotches on the 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. The color of the second hand will be determined by the background.

Ok, so that’s the rough draft. I will update again soon.


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