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Truly Frugal: Regrowing Produce

Ok, so I’ve heard that some of the produce you buy at the store can be put in water or a pot and will regrow. It’s a two-for-one sale every time. Pretty nifty. I remembered this after reaching for a turnip last week to find that it had sprouted green leaves. Now, I’m not a huge fan of turnip greens, but J is, so I figured I’d go ahead and stick it in a pot and see if I can grow them.


The first day I put the turnip in the pot

The next day we bought green onions and celery (which went into a chicken soup). Ok, I admit that I bought them specifically because the internet told me that they could be regrown. The soup was an afterthought, but a good one.

One week after potting the turnip

The green onions are growing like crazy. They are definitely winning my little experiment here.

I forgot to take a picture the first day.

Green Onions Day Three-ish

One week later--what? Crazy.

Green Onions One Week Later

I don’t have a before picture picture of the celery, but I’ll paint you a picture. Imagine a pot. Ok, scratch that. Imagine a large yogurt container with some holes on the bottom. Then imagine it with dirt in it. I didn’t figure it was very photo worthy. However, I now have sprouts! I’m not sure how far this one will continue to grow in my apartment window that only gets about two hours of direct sunlight, but we’ll see.

My vegetable garden

My celery is sprouting! I doubt this will work (as in grow an edible plant), but I’m really hoping that I’ll have to find a new pot for this. That would be a measure of success.

As you can see, I didn’t like the brown paint on the turnip pot, so I knit a cover for the celery pot. It’s a little artsy craftsy, but I like it. I’ve also moved the turnips to the window, too.

Whether or not anything but the onions grows, I’m happy. I feel like I have a garden of sorts.


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